Motovotano: Who we are

Motovotano is dedicated to excellence in production and service to the tea industry and beyond. We are a locally-owned and operated company in Anacortes, WA.  We feel strongly about supporting the industry and resources of our region of the Pacific Northwest and greater West Coast. 


Company founder James Mackness uses his experience of 25 years in the US tea industry to make your idea for a private-label bagged tea a reality. During his tenure as Head of Technical for a well-known organic tea company, James successfully grew the co-packing side of the business.  He eventually took the leap to establish his own co-packing company, Motovotano. 


Our company name is a play on the Latin word for "motor" and the Greek word for "herb,"  fusing linguistically the purpose of our business, which is elegantly automating the packaging of teas.


Motovotano is located in the beautiful Skagit Valley outside of Anacortes, WA. We feel right at home in this region of family-owned farms, flower growers, fishing and scenic beauty. 


We welcome your co-packing inquiries!  Please contact us.