The pyramid tea bag

the pyramid tea bag made of bio-mesh
the pyramid tea bag made of bio-mesh

We pack your loose-leaf tea or herbal blend in a biodegradable mesh pyramid or square bag, maintaining the consistent flavor profile and appearance of your product. And we have the low minimum order requirement of only 10,000 tea bags, tagged or non-tagged.


The bag can be made with or without a tag.  For customers who require custom tagged tea bags, add the minimum material order from outside vendor of 48,000 units for a full color tag. No plate charge.


Our in-house blending methodology and careful choice of manufacturing equipment enable us to pack a greater variety of particle sizes and wide range of blends.  We utilize V-blending prior to manufacturing to assure finished product quality and consistency throughout the entire production run. 


We also offer "synchronized real-time blending," a new patented technology intended for blends that require a precise ratio of components individually weighed into each tea bag. This blending option is ideally suited for high quality medicinal blends, or blends with disparate particle size and density.